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Custom Carpentry and Quality Joinery

The Wood Butler, LLC, in Portland, Oregon, specializes in carpentry and joinery. Let us create deck plans for an exciting addition to your home or add steps to your aboveground pool. We also create and install custom cabinets.


With our extensive experience in woodworking, we are able to build an entirely new item or make existing pieces in your home prettier and stronger. As long as it is attached to something else, we are able to build, repair, or restore it. Discuss your ideas with us and we will draw plans based on your vision and then bring it to life. In the spring, summer, and fall, we do a lot of outdoor carpentry, including building decks or stairs to help you get in and out of your aboveground pool. In the winter, we do mostly indoor work such as cabinetry and media units. Among our most common items are:

• Media Centers
• Window Repairs
• Stair Building & Restoration

• Hand Railings
• Kitchen Cabinets
• Window Benches
• Joinery


In addition to our skills in carpentry, we are excellent wood joiners. Rather than hiring a separate company to make and install your doors, cabinets, or windows, we will handle your job from start to finish. By avoiding a third party, you will save time and money while receiving personalized attention and recommendations. With this process, we can get you the product that you want the first time around. We will look at the initial paperwork and designs and advise you on what will be best for your specific project. As joiners who are also carpenters, we will be able to effectively troubleshoot any problems during the installation. We have an extensive knowledge of the differences between soft and hard woods, as well as which woods are better for indoor or outdoor use.